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Wide open spaces and living close to the landowning a ranch offers the chance to live the country life and get a taste of what the Old West was like.

Technically, a ranch is different from a farm as its main goal is to raise grazing animals such as horses, cattle or sheep. However, in real estate, ranchland has also been used to describe farmland for crops or dairy as well as other productive lands.

Here in the Greater Phoenix area, most ranches are horse properties and are typically no more than a few acres in size (what some would call a ranchette). If you’re looking for larger ranches, you will find more options up in the White Mountains.

Here are some of the potential pros and cons of ranch properties:


  • A quiet life – Leave behind cramped sidewalks and congested freeways. Living on a ranch gives you peace and privacy, surrounded by nature in all its glory.
  • Strong sense of community – Unlike big cities, rural communities tend to be more close-knit as there are less people. One of the best things about living in a small town is actually knowing your neighbors.
  • Clean living – Enjoy all-natural living, minus the smog and pollution of an urban area. Breathe in cleaner air (especially true in the cool White Mountains); it’ll be better for your health in the long run.


  • Distance – While distance from the hustle and bustle of a city is a plus, it can also be a disadvantage amenities are more difficult to reach. In the West Valley, however, you can live on a ranch without having to give up your easy access to shops, restaurants, schools, and so on.

    In Peoria and Glendale, for example, you will be able to find ranches that are just minutes away from the city center.

  • Maintenance – Apart from the main house, ranches can have other structures like a barn or paddock. This means that you’ll probably have a longer maintenance list than you would with an ordinary home.

Invest in Arizona Ranch Real Estate

Whether you plan to fulfill a lifelong dream to retire to a quiet ranch or you want to have a ranch as a vacation or second home, Arizona is one of the best places in America to buy prime ranchland.

Arizona is composed of a variety of landscapes, from the majesty of the Grand Canyon to the long stretch of mountain ranges in the north to the scenic deserts in the southwest. Here in the Greater Phoenix area, owning a ranch will give you access to thousands of acres of untouched desert, miles of trails, and panoramic mountain views in areas like the Peoria Regional Preserve and the Phoenix Sonoran Preserve.

Contact the Fusco Team today and find out more about owning a ranch in Arizona. Let us help you discover the best ranchland available in the Grand Canyon State. You can reach us at 602-370-4510 or at patty(at)fuscorealty(dotted)net. You can also drop by our office at 9132 W. Cactus Suite N, Peoria, AZ.

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